Homeschool Online Writing Curriculum

Online Homeschool Writing Curriculum

Homeschool parents and students need a unique approach to teaching writing skills. Not every random writing curriculum will meet the specific needs of parents teaching grammar, sentences, paragraphs, essays, and other long-form writing from home.  To be beneficial, a homeschool writing curriculum needs to be:

  • flexible enough to work on any schedule.
  • engaging enough to keep even reluctant writers motivated.
  • easy enough to keep parents from feeling stressed about writing instruction.
  • effective enough to create measurable growth in student writing skills.

Time4Writing for Homeschool

Time4Writing is an online writing curriculum designed with homeschoolers in mind. In fact, the creation of Time4Writing was the direct result of feedback from users of the Time4Learning Online Homeschool Curriculum who wanted more targeted, individualized writing instruction.  The outcome of that feedback was an elementary writing curriculum, middle school writing curriculum, and high school writing curriculum that covers the key writing skills students need to know by graduation. In addition, the variety of lesson types is designed to keep young writers engaged and motivated to succeed.

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Time4Writing vs Other Online Writing Programs

What makes Time4Writing unique is our teachers. At the core of our program is our team of certified, passionate teachers with years of experience in motivating students to fulfill their writing potential.  For parents who don’t feel excited about teaching writing or may even feel daunted by the task, there’s Time4Writing.  That means no lesson planning, no grading writing assignments, and no fear that the feedback you give your student will result in hurt feelings or power struggles. No other homeschool writing curriculum has a full team of teachers to handle the tougher parts of writing instruction for you!

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How Time4Writing Works for Homeschool

Homeschoolers need targeted writing help that meets them where they are. That’s why, after taking our writing placement test, you will have a customized recommendation for the Time4Writing course that best fits your student’s current writing needs.  Your student can start taking their course immediately or whenever they are ready and our flexible format means they can progress through the eight-week course at the time of day that works best for their schedule. For more information on how our homeschool writing curriculum works, this video gives you a look into our interactive, online approach:

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