Elementary School Paragraph Writing

Extreme Paragraphs

Course Overview

Students will learn the parts of a paragraph as well as how to put them together to make a perfect paragraph. Learning to write different types of paragraphs and learning to write in chronological order, students will come away ready to start learning about essays.

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Course Objectives

Unit 1 – The Topic Sentence

Students review writing sentences and learn how to write a topic sentence.

Unit 2 – Supporting Details

Students learn how to write supporting details in a paragraph.

Unit 3 – Closing Sentences

Students write closing sentences this week and edit existing closing sentences to learn how to strengthen them.

Unit 4 – Simple and Compound Sentences

Students are able to write sentences in a variety of formats in order to make their writing more interesting.

Unit 5 – Go with the Flow (Transitions)

Students use transition words to make their sentences flow together.

Unit 6 – Awesome, Amazing, Alluring Adjectives

Students use descriptive words in their writing.

Unit 7 – Writing the Descriptive Paragraph

Students, incorporating the previous lessons in the current instructions, will become adept at creating descriptive paragraphs.

Unit 8 – Writing the Narrative Paragraph

Students will create a well-written narrative paragraph.