Elementary Informative Writing

Time4Writing Informative Writing Course

Course Overview

Children love the chance to share what they know, which is why learning informative writing is such a boost to a young writer’s confidence. In Time4Writing’s Course, Wild Animal Tales: Elementary Informative Writing*, students will learn about an animal of their choosing by doing research and taking notes on what they discover. Then, they will share their discoveries in the form of a multimedia slideshow, building skills not only in written explanation, but in incorporating visual expression through use of popular presentation software.

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Course Components

This informative writing course takes students on an animal ­filled adventure through the five steps of the writing process: prewriting, planning, drafting, revising, and editing.


The prewriting stage of Wild Animal Tales: Elementary Informative Writing will set out a roadmap for the rest of the course. Your student will start by choosing an animal to research and write about. They will learn the valuable skill of note taking, and how to use a graphic organizer to arrange the facts and media they collect.


Now that their research is complete, students will begin to make important decisions about their informative slideshow. Using a slideshow planning template, they will choose which facts and links are most important to share, and which graphics will help bring their information to life for the reader.


Drafting their slideshow involves more than just dropping their facts and graphics into slides. In this stage, students will turn their template into an ordered outline, use that outline to flesh out full paragraphs of information, and then display those paragraphs in a creative slideshow format.


Once drafting is complete, the next accomplishment in informative writing is learning how to revise what you’ve written. Students will pay close attention to the words and sentences they’ve created to see if precise verbs, internal dialogue, and word choice might improve their finished product.


While it might be easy enough to spot grammar and spelling errors in someone else’s writing, learning to find your own mistakes can be a challenge. Students will learn techniques for self-­editing by focusing in on the most common trouble points in grammar and mechanics in their slideshow.

*This is an advanced course, designed for students with some technical know-how.