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Our college-prep high school essay writing course features one-on-one instruction by certified teachers, customized lessons that match your student’s abilities and personalized feedback. From the pre-writing stage to the revision stage, your students will learn the nuts and bolts of effective essay writing.

If you are a parent or teacher looking for a dynamic program that focuses on essay writing for upper-level high school students, please review the following information. It will show you how Time4Writing has helped prepare students for future high school and college writing assignments and standardized testing.

How Does Time4Writing Build High School Essay Writing Skills?

Time4Writing breaks down the high school essay writing process into steps. Each week students practice one of these steps and gradually master it before progressing to the next one. Our teachers guide the students by providing them with homework assignments, valuable feedback, graded materials for review, and a positive learning environment.

The essay writing steps include:

  • Practicing pre-writing skills, so your students are prepared to confidently begin writing the main piece.
  • Understanding how to write a detailed and focused thesis statement that provides a concise summary of the main point or claim of the essay.
  • Writing a structured and entertaining introductory paragraph that clearly introduces the main idea of the essay.
  • Creating compelling and concise body paragraphs that include a topic sentence, which relates to the thesis.
  • Preparing a concluding paragraph that recaps the essay, presents the main idea of the essay, or gives a general explanation to a problem or argument proposed in the essay.
  • Identifying editing symbols and learning how to apply them so students can clearly refine their essays.

Time4Writing’s certified teachers supply the instruction, tools and supportive advice that encourages students as they delve deeper into the writing process. Each succeeding step they teach is designed to expand upon the foundation that your students are building — and the ultimate results are a more confident and gifted writer.

What’s Included in Time4Writing’s High School Essay Writing Course?

Time4Writing’s high school essay writing course includes 8 comprehensive units. Each unit emphasizes key writing skills that prepare students for high school and college assignments. Our teachers motivate your students and help them master each unit as they learn in the comfort of their own home.

The units of instruction include:

  • Unit 1: Pre-writing the Essay: Students learn to apply three different pre-writing techniques to his or her own writing.
  • Unit 2: Writing the Thesis Statement: Students gain an understanding of how to write a detailed and focused thesis statement.
  • Unit 3: Writing the Introductory Paragraph: Students write a structured and exciting introductory paragraph that leads up to the thesis statement.
  • Unit 4: Writing the Body Paragraph: Students learn to write well-structured body paragraphs that include a focused topic sentence, specific supporting details, and transitional phrases.
  • Unit 5: Writing the Concluding Paragraph: Students learn to write a concluding paragraph which leaves the reader fulfilled and shows the significance of the ideas.
  • Unit 6: Revising, Editing, and Proofreading Your Essay: Students identify editing symbols and apply revision techniques to his or her essays.
  • Unit 7: Writing the Persuasive Essay: Students learn to write a strong, well-developed persuasive essay.
  • Unit 8: Compare/Contrast Essay: Students learn the two styles of compare/contrast essays and then use one of those styles to write one on their own topic.

What Are High School Students Expected To Know Before Taking Our Essay Writing Course

Essay writing for high school students is not considered a “basic” course. Students are expected to have a general background in writing and possess several skills that will enable them to grasp the concepts presented during this 8 week course.

These skills generally include:

  • Understanding subject-verb agreement
  • Correctly using commas, semicolons, and other punctuation
  • Using pronouns, adjectives and adverbs in sentences
  • Understanding the different sentences that make up a paragraph.
  • Proofreading skills for grammar, usage, and mechanics errors.
  • Basic knowledge of expository writing at, or above, the middle school level

If your student needs a preparatory course before high school essay writing, Time4Writing can help. We provide High School Writing Mechanics and High School Paragraph Writing as prep courses for your students.

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