One-on-one online writing courses for kids in elementary, middle and high school. Building basic writing skills covering the mechanics of sentences and paragraphs.

Afterschool Skill Building

Time4Writing removes the pressure of parent critiquing and allows students to explore writing comfortably while our teachers personally guide each child. Students can log into their accounts whenever they are ready to submit assignments or ask questions. Rather than requiring scheduled login times, Time4Writing allows students to complete assignments in a self-paced environment with asynchronous instruction. Time4Writing provides the hands on writing experience students need to build core writing skills through clear instruction, availability, and constructive feedback, all through the convenience of a computer. The availability of an online writing curriculum means that class work can be completed on the student’s schedule and grades with feedback are received within one business day of submission. Courses offered start at second grade and go through high school, covering everything you need for a comprehensive after school skill building program.

Writing For The Real World

Learning to write well is crucial for ensuring success in your child’s educational career. Time4Writing teaches students to think clearly, ask good questions, and understand when and where to use appropriate forms of writing. Writing well and thinking critically are valuable skills that are incorporated into all areas of life such as education, career, and personal. Students must be prepared to write well in e-mail communication, research projects, language arts, science, social studies, math, note taking, and journal writing. Real world writing prepares students early on for the communication skills they will use in college and in the work place.

Time4Writing provides a unique and personal experience for every student. Our teachers help your children build writing skills, but more importantly build confidence in their communication skills for life.

Time4Writing—Online Writing Courses for Every Grade Level

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